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This graph shows responses to a Veterans Signals survey given to Veteran patients after an outpatient appoinment at a VA health care site. The range of responses are dated from July 2016 through October 2018. Veterans were asked if they trust the VA for care, if they trust the VA specifically for outpatient care, asked to rate the ease of getting VA outpatient care, the effectiveness of their health care visit and if their emotional experience was positive at VA.

VA analyzes what Veterans are saying about their outpatient experiences (including mental health, primary care, optometry, physical therapy, cardiology, etc.), and levels of outpatient ease, effectiveness, and emotion are anticipated to drive increases in outpatient trust using Veterans Signal survey technology.

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is responsible for administering programs that provide financial and other forms of assistance to Veterans, their dependents and their survivors. Through a variety of modernization initiatives and improved business processes, VBA strives to deliver Veterans compensation benefit decisions and services within a timely manner.

Image of the Cleveland VA Medical Center

In keeping with the Department of Veterans Affairs effort to be the most transparent agency in government, VA will begin publicly posting information on opioids dispensed from VA pharmacies along with VA’s strategies to appropriately and safely prescribe these pain medications.

Apps for Ag Hackathon

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Enterprise Integration convened a collaborative event to encourage the development of innovative solutions to spark entrepreneurship and bring together the seemingly disparate worlds of software development, commercial farming, and Veterans.