Key Indicators for Veterans Signals VHA Outpatient Survey

VA analyzes what Veterans are saying about their outpatient experiences (including mental health, primary care, optometry, physical therapy, cardiology, etc.), and levels of outpatient ease, effectiveness, and emotion are anticipated to drive increases in outpatient trust using Veterans Signal survey technology.

Factors that contribute to and impact a Veteran's overall perception of trust in VA include ease, effectiveness and emotion.

This graph shows responses to a Veterans Signals survey given to Veteran patients after an outpatient appoinment at a VA health care site. The range of responses are dated from July 2016 through October 2018. Veterans were asked if they trust the VA for care, if they trust the VA specifically for outpatient care, asked to rate the ease of getting VA outpatient care, the effectiveness of their health care visit and if their emotional experience was positive at VA.

VA-Wide Trust and Outpatient Surveys: Scores and Targets

5 graphs depict upward trend of VA-wide trust scores and survey feedback concerning, trust, outpatient trust, ease, effectiveness and emotion, with future target dates also projected.

This information was gathered by the Veterans Experience Office using Veterans Signals survey technology. This system lets VA utilize real-time feedback from Veteran customers to guide and improve service delivery.